Vacation, Alexa Ranking and Aloysa’s Reading Picks

I am going on vacation! I waited for it long enough and, finally, it is here. You won’t hear from me till the middle of November. It makes me a little bit paranoid because I have never been away from the Kitchen Sink for that long. Well, my blog will be three months old in November and you know how paranoid parents get about their newborn. The Good news is that you will hear from a few great bloggers as their guest posts will appear on this blog. Please make sure to come back and see what they have to say.

I joined the Yakezie challenge on September 27, 2010 with Alexa ranking of 2.6 MM. A month later I made it to 700K, running The Kitchen Sink as a free wordpress blog. In October I switched to a self-hosted website and never looked back. It was the best move I ever made in the blogosphere. However, the switch affected my Alexa ranking. It was sky-high at 15 MM. Today, November 2, 2010, it is 613,380Thank you everyone for reading my posts, commenting, promoting and linking back. Thank you everyone for becoming a subscriber and a loyal reader!In fact, I cannot thank all of you enough.

While I am away, make sure to check out these great articles:

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Have a great week everyone!

9 thoughts on “Vacation, Alexa Ranking and Aloysa’s Reading Picks

  1. Sandy @yesiamcheap

    Enjoy your vacation! Are you going back home? Can you write a hello while you’re gone? Thanks for adding me to the Kitchen Sink and you’re doing much better than I am on improving your ranking.

    1. Aloysa

      No, I am not going back home. It is pretty cold there now and I love when it is hot. So, we are going to have a beach vacation! Yay! I will tell about it when I come back. Trying to keep some suspense going…

  2. Suba @ Wealth Informatics

    Yay for vacation!! I am going back home mid Nov through Dec 10th. I am nervous about leaving my 6 month old kid as I am not so fortunate with getting guest posts. Hopefully I will manage by myself.

    Beach vacation you say? Great!!! Enjoy your well deserved vacation and come back refreshed and energized

  3. Aloysa

    It was really tricky with guest posts. If you need a guest post, I am always eager to help. Have a safe trip back home! Your 6-month old will do just fine.

  4. Barb Friedberg

    Have a wonderful vacation. Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you return Thank you for including my article with Flexo, Consumerism Commentary, in your round up.

  5. Everyday Tips

    Have a great trip, and thank you so much for mentioning my post!

    Hope the weather and everything is great for you.

  6. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Your ranking is under 475k as I type this!

    Thanks for including my article.

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