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What Rookies Should Know About Blogging

I consider myself a new, inexperienced blogger who attempted to blog since January, 2010. You are probably wondering what useful information I have to share if I call myself “inexperienced.“ Please, bare with me just for another minute and you will see.

Majority of guest posts on a lot of popular and professional blogs feature mostly successful and experienced bloggers who share their blogging experience and advice. But what about us, young, inexperienced but enthusiastic bloggers? We also have something to say. Sometime we wish that someone, who just has started blogging, would share his/her experience. Blogging is not an easy craft. Especially in the beginning.

I decided to share my early blogging experience for one reason only. I hope that new, young, inexperienced and somewhat lost bloggers will read it and say “Hey, we are not alone. We are in this together.” I also hope that experienced and professional bloggers will read it, smile, nod and remember their early days in the blogosphere.

Blogging can be a long and lonely process that requires a lot of commitment and patience. Not everyone is a blogger. Not everyone should blog just because someone told them they write well, have great ideas and can make money blogging.

I have opened and closed three blogs within a period of three months. My first blog turned very fast from being fun into a huge overwhelming responsibility. For God Sake, I was writing a novel on a blog! I didn’t give myself any chance to explore any other subjects. Within three weeks I got writer’s block and closed the blog.

Lesson Learned: don’t jump into blogging because today you have something to say to the world. Will you have something to say tomorrow? In a week? How about in a month? Think, research, evaluate. In other words, plan before you jump this rope. Give yourself time and flexibility. Leave a few doors open, especially in the beginning. If you do choose a very specific narrow subject, you might and you will write yourself out.

My next blog was a book review blog. It survived about two weeks and had a total of five reviews. No one ever commented on my blog. But neither did I. Soon it got very lonely. I was blogging by myself with myself.

Lesson learned: blogging can be a lonely business unless you create a collaborative working partnership with your readers. Build open communication. Put yourself out into the blog world, go visit other blogs and write meaningful and sincere comments. Let other bloggers know that you exist, read and like their blogs.
Next time I was very careful choosing a blog niche. I gave myself time. I left a few doors open. I brainstormed and carefully planned my re-entrance into the blog world. This time the idea was to open a literary magazine that would feature new and/or already known talent in writing, poetry, photography and art.

It was a great idea for someone who did not want to write. I dove into the work and started posting other people’s stuff. It was easy. It was fun. People were submitting their poems, short stories, memoirs, photography and etc. A waiting list of bloggers wanting to post on my blog was growing day by day.

The problem was that I wanted to write, express my opinion and share my own work. I needed to be a part of my blog because the blog was already a part of me. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do any of my own writing because all I did was read, edit, schedule and post other people’s work.

I have yet to issue an official apology to the subscribers and guest bloggers for closing this blog down. I am very sorry I let you all down. Please forgive me.

Lesson Learned: a blog is an extension of you. It is a part of who you are. It represents your personality, knowledge and creativity. Embrace this fact and express yourself freely. Learn to share your ideas, insecurities and confidences with your readers. Don’t be afraid of what you have to say and how it will be understood by others. Trust your readers. Be yourself and feel safe about it.