Aloysa’s Reading Picks

There was an interesting discussion on the Yakezie forum about how everyone is keeping up with reading each others blogs. I have to say that keeping up with reading is not that easy. But we all try, and overall we all are doing really well.

But if you think that you could have missed some of the great articles, make sure to read some of the great posts from this list:

First Gen American suggested a writing experiment – an embellishment on 12 Days of Christmas. Some of the great bloggers participated and wrote:

12 Days of Christmas – Writing Experiment @First Gen American

The 12 Sips of Christmas @From the Pint On

12 Days of Christmas @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Walking in the Winter Wonderland @Invest It Wisely

12 Email Spammers of Christmas @Every Day Tips

Other interesting, funny, thoughtful and simply great articles in PF blogosphere:

One of the bloggers might not be able to retire by 40. Find out why: Retirebyforty Biggest Obstacle #1 @retireby40

You have debt and you are thinking about tapping into your 401K. Smart or stupid? Read  Tapping Your 401K Plan: The Pros and Cons of Taking Out A Loan @Spurce Up Your Finances

Want to get a job but don’t want to work in an office? Be careful and know How to Avoid Work At Home Scams@MomVesting

Planning on giving a special gift to a special someone? Read Homemade Holiday Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust@Frugal Confessions

Have some fun with Funny Money Comic 7, Passing on Lattes @Money Reasons

Don’t like to tip? Like to tip? Express your opinion after reading Is Tipping Getting Out of Control @Squirrelers

Wondering how to handle a homeless person when he or she asks you for money? Read Should You Give Money to Beggars and Homeless @Get Happy Life

Dreaming about winning a lottery? Organize your thoughts while reading How To Deal With $10 Million @Ultra High Networth

Feeling lazy lately? Lazy Pays Pretty Well @Minting Nickels

Like cartoons? Love personal Finance? You will love Samurai’s Jack Guide to Personal Finance @Saving Money Today

Hate being rejected? Does rejection discourage you? A must read – You’re Rejected! How I Use Rejection To Motivate Me Every Single Day @Financial Samurai

Holiday stress is getting to you? Find out Tips To Reduce Holiday Stress @Frugal Zeitgeist

15 thoughts on “Aloysa’s Reading Picks

  1. Jessica07

    Thanks for the mention! You posted a great selection of posts; I can’t wait to check some of them out.

  2. Invest It Wisely

    I think I’m going to be able to catch up on some of the reading this week… I hope!
    Thanks for mentioning me.

  3. Money Reasons

    Thanks for the mention!

    Say Everyday Tips is right, the changes you have done to your blog looks awesome

    I love that Financial Samurai article in your links! Truly great stuff! In fact that article was what hooked me on Sam’s site.

    1. Aloysa

      I made some subtle changes to the site or so I thought. LOL Thank you!

      Sam has a great site indeed. He is very insightful and sometimes controversial. Love it.

  4. LifeAndMyFinances

    I’ve definitely grown to love the Yakezie site. It’s a great place to grow, don’t you think?

    1. Aloysa

      Absolutely. What is not to love? I’ve met great people. I’ve learned a lot and still learning. Great, great place to be.

    1. Aloysa

      December 8, 2010 at 8:45 PM
      Your site is doing great! In fact, your Alexa rank is better than mine. Good job!

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