A Few Good Things

On Blogging
I started blogging in August, joined the Yakezie challenge on September 27, 2010, opened my self-hosted site on October 18, 2010. This is how I have progressed up to this point:

Alexa Ranking as of September 27, 2010: 2.6 MM
Alexa Ranking as of October 18, 2010: 15 MM
Alexa ranking as of December 8, 2010: 244,353

October traffic: 458
Average visitors per day: 32

November traffic: 1,171
Average visitors per day: 39
Unique visitors (I installed Google Analytics on November 4, 2010): 481
New visits: 89%

I cannot thank enough of my fellow bloggers for all the promoting, commenting and tweeting they’ve done.

When I started blogging on my new self-hosted website, my posting schedule was very erratic and inconsistent. As my readership base started to grow, I switched to a stricter posting schedule and now I am trying to post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). So, don’t forget to check my new posts on those days.

I also included a Guest Post page on my blog. Yes, I am accepting and actively seeking guest posts. Check out my guidelines. Hopefully they are clear enough.

Interestingly enough personal finance topics seem to dominate the content. Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink has become more of a lifestyle blog with emphasis on personal finance.

On Staying Fit
As you might remember I injured my shoulder a while ago and stopped working out. It was somewhat a disturbing time for me because I became obsessed with gaining weight, Weight Watchers and food. My shoulder has been doing a lot better, and I am back to the gym lifting weights! Hopefully, I am not going back to physical therapy.

And as far as food goes… I am not obsessed anymore. It is Holiday season and who wants to think about eating too much! I said to myself: eat up, Aloysa! You are worth it.

On Christmas Tree
We finally put the Christmas tree up over the weekend. Last year we had neither time nor desire to decorate our condo. We went to China in November and it turned out to be an incredible adventure and the best vacation ever. We came back home in the beginning of December, and I got sick with a horrible cold that knocked me down for a week.

When I finally got back to my normal self, Christmas was a week away. We thought about decorating but decided against it. It seemed a little absurd to put the Christmas tree up just to take it down in a week.

This year our Christmas tree is up, and our condo is looking festive. I finally feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

26 thoughts on “A Few Good Things

  1. The Grouch

    Congratulations on your blogging progress and staying fit. Food obsessions are not a good thing and I hope you stay on an even keel.

    1. Aloysa

      It is difficult during the Holiday season. All these cakes and cookies and candy laying around, calling my name. LOL

  2. Financial Samurai

    Good stuff! My advice is to actually actively seek to guest post elsewhere on bigger platofrms and keep up the momentum!

  3. Andrea

    Congratulations Aloysa,

    We started the Yakezie Challenge within a few weeks of each other. I’m so happy for your success.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Lindy Mint

    Congrats on the stats! Progress is good. Food guilt is bad. You got it right (I’m still working on the food guilt myself)

  5. Invest It Wisely

    200,000 isn’t far away! I’d be interested in reading more about your China trip… where did you go? What did you see?

    1. Aloysa

      I was thinking for a while now to write a post about our trip. What a trip it was! Every single person should go to China at least once in their lifetime. It is an incredible country. Well… I guess I will write a post about it. Maybe even a few!

      1. Squirrelers

        I’d be interested in your post about China as well. I traveled there about 20 years ago – things were much, much different then I would imagine.

        1. Aloysa

          I already scheduled it for this month. Yes, things have changed in China. If you go now, you will not believe your eyes.

  6. retirebyforty

    Yeah, you’ll break 200k in no time.
    Don’t over work your shoulder, just ease into the workout. You don’t want to re injure it.

  7. Squirrelers

    Good work, your blog is picking up steam! Do you like the Suffusion theme you’re using? It’s the same one I use. I like the way you have used it here, with your layout/color schemes.

    1. Aloysa

      Thank you! I do like Suffusion a lot. It is easy to handle. I tried other themes and had difficulties with some of them. I do like the design of your blog too – clean and neat and easy to read.

  8. Robert @ The College Investor

    Way to go! Nice improvements, and I may have to take you up on that guest post page. The door is also open on my site if you want to. I’m always looking for content – and since I focus on investing and you don’t, a little diversity might do well!

    1. Aloysa

      I love diversity. Please take me up on a guest post search. I am actively seeking! I also would be happy to write something for you.

  9. LifeAndMyFinances

    Congrats on the ranking Aloysa! I always enjoy reading your blog and will continue to do so for many more months and years I’m sure.

    1. Aloysa

      Thank you so much for your very nice and kind words. It makes my day when someone says that they enjoy reading my blog.

  10. Crystal

    Your progress is amazing! I’m also 100% behind you on the decision not to worry about your weight for the holidays – I’ll join that movement any day of the week, lol.

  11. Buck

    Hey Aloysa,

    I joined the challenge a few months after you. Wow, you’re almost at 200k! Keep up the great work. I saw in another comment you visited China? I was there in the summer for the World Expo in Shanghai. I was thinking about writing about my travels, but who has the time? So many thoughts, too little time!

    1. Aloysa

      I always wanted to write about my trip to China. I am planning on posting it sometime in December. There is so much to say about it. I might do even a series of posts. When we were in Shanghai, we saw a lot of construction and preparation for the World Expo. Bund was half closed down. Unfortunately for us…

  12. The Passive Income Earner

    Wow! Amazing progress on your Alexa rank in just a few months! Congratulations.

  13. Ken @Spruce Up Your Finances

    You really have a good start with blogging and especially having a great Alexa rank after only a few months. Congratulations on your progress.

  14. Everyday Tips

    You are doing a great job, and I only see upward progress for you! Congratulations on your drop in Alexa, and I think your site is great.

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