2010 Year In Review

Somehow it is difficult to believe that today is the last day of 2010. Time seems to fly really fast lately. Even though I don’t set up goals, I still like to look back and see what I have achieved over the period of one year. Could I have achieved more if I’d set goals and specific measurements? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I don’t limit myself by goals. There is a certain feeling of freedom and of endless opportunities when there are no measurements set in stone.

More Writing, More Reading, Less TV Watching

I am very pleased with myself because this year I wrote so much more than usual. I wrote five chapters of the book and queried some agents (bad idea! exciting time!). The query of unfinished, unpolished, unwritten novel attracted the attention of a couple prominent agents. Nothing happened after that but I concluded that I can come up with some creative plots, ideas and characters, and, yes, I can write. Not very humble, I know, but hey, two agents wanted to see my chapters.

I wrote a short story and submitted it to more than twenty magazines. It never got published but it was great just to write a complete piece.

A Random Thought (Not A Resolution) for 2011: Keep writing (maybe an e-book this time) and reading!


In 2010 I started three blogs and closed them down. After a few blogging debacles, I finally found myself in my current blog. I joined the Yakezie challenge, met quite a few great bloggers and made some friends. My blogging direction emerged, and The Kitchen Sink became a lifestyle blog with emphasis on personal finance. I became a staff writer @Beating Broke. Do I consider all of this an accomplishment? Yes, I do.

The most popular posts of The Kitchen Sink in 2010 (according to the unique page views):

1. Five Reasons To Stop Being Frugal And Get A Life
2. Beware of Men Counting Pennies
3. How A Debtless Aloysa Became Buried in Debt
4. My Life Without Christmas
5. Seperate or Joint? Mine or Yours?

A Random Thought (Not A Resolution) for 2011: Keep blogging, keep supporting my blogger friends and the Yakezie network.

Paying Off Debt

We were able to pay off $13,000 of our debt. This is a huge success because my spending habits are not the best, and we still love to take trips and go on vacation. Could it have been better? Of course. Could it have been worse? Sure. What matters in the end, we did the best we could and paid off a good chunk of debt.

A Random Thought (Not A Resolution) for 2011: Keep paying!

Healthy Food Choices

This year we improved our food shopping habits significantly. In the past we used to run to the store right after work and decide then and there what we were going to eat that night. Now, we do grocery shopping once a week and come prepared. We go to the store with a list of groceries based on a menu that we come up for a week instead of just having a vague idea of what we are going to eat.

We cook more at home, we reduced the number of out take outs from three times a week to once a week. Huge improvement.

A Random Thought (Not A Resolution) for 2011: We do need to reduce our sugar intake, eat a little bit less red meat and a little bit more fish.

Curb Those Shopping Habits

My spending habits are not the best but I was able to keep them under control this year. Most of the time. J The results speak for themselves: paid off a good chunk of debt, saved up for vacation, stayed UNDER budget during Christmas consumerist frenzy. Could have done better but a certain long and simply gorgeous pair of boots threw me off balance. Oh well… we do live only once.

A Random Thought (Not A Resolution) for 2011: Shopping my own closet a little bit more can be very helpful in 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let all you dreams, hopes and wishes come true. Let all your goals and resolutions be achieved. Salute!

25 thoughts on “2010 Year In Review

  1. LifeAndMyFinances

    Great jobs in 2010 Aloysa! Your $13,000 that you paid off in debt puts my $10,000 to shame. Haha! We are still very excited about paying that much off though! And, we’re excited about what we’re planning for the new year!

    I didn’t know you were writing a novel. That’s great! Perhaps I could help you proof it – proofing is actually what I do for a living.

    1. Aloysa

      $10,000 is huge! Are you kidding? You did just great! I am not writing a novel anymore. Blogging took my time away from that. I don’t regret it a bit. But I do have an e-book idea, so I might need your services!

  2. Lisa @ Cents To Save

    I like your “Random Thoughts” as opposed to Resolutions concept! You did a great job paying off debt! And your blog is awesome! Congratulations on your success!!

  3. Jessica07

    Great job, Aloysa! I think the fact that you were able to pay off $13,000, plus splurge on the side is amazing! Happy New Year!

    1. Aloysa

      Thank you! I do have my weaknesses though. Without them I would be able to pay off more. But what the hell… We still were good.

  4. Moneycone

    It is awesome that you managed to pay off $13K! Your posts are fresh and interesting and the best thing about the internet is that you are no longer bound to publishers and agents! Start small, try a ebook, find out what works and what doesn’t and you’ll get there!

    Good luck and have faith!

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year Aloysa!

  5. Suba @ Wealth Informatics

    It is amazing that you paid off $13k without cutting expenses that are important to you. Great job! And an awesome job with your blog too! I like the random thoughts instead of resolutions Though I am more of a goals person. Looks like you have much more discipline than I do lol!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Aloysa

      We did cut some of the expenses but kept the most important ones. I think that did the trick. As far as discipline goes, I am not sure I have it much more than anyone else.

  6. Financial Samurai

    I like how you’ve hedged all your resolutions with “not a resolution”! Very smart just in case it doesn’t happen.

    Have a great 2011 and looking forward to reading your Member Post in Feb/March!

    Cheers, Sam

  7. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    I need to make things goals or else they don’t happen, but that’s me. The important thing is that you know what works for you.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments last year. Very impressive list and I can’t wait to see what you do in 2011!

    1. Aloysa

      I have a general direction for 2011 … and my random thoughts. I am excited about 2011. We’ll see what it brings.

  8. Buck

    You’re the only one I know who has random thoughts instead of resolutions. Whatever works for you, stick with it. It’s great that you review your random thoughts. You can see how you improved and how you can improve on your setbacks. Wow, a novel? Good luck. I tried once and couldn’t get through a page! Writing is easier than it looks. Happy New Year!

    1. Aloysa

      A novel is on a shelve now but an e-book is in the air… it’s brewing… Writing is very hard and requires a lot of discipline. And it is a very lonely business. I prefer blogging. Gives me an instant gratification: publish, discuss, move on.

  9. Amanda L Grossman

    Congratulations on paying off so much debt!

    I also would like to do more writing, more reading, and less television–the television can really suck your life away.

  10. retirebyforty

    Congratulation on a great 2010! Good luck on getting more writing publish this year. Keep trying and never quit.

  11. The Biz of Life

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on paying down your debt. Keep paying off the debt and cut back on the shopping.

  12. Squirrelers

    Seems as though you did really well in 2010. Congrats! I’m sure 2011 will go well too, based on what I’m reading. Also, great work with the blog in the year we just finished.

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